Season 2022

Here is where you will find some answers to help you Navigate the season.

When does the Junior season start? March 6th 2022. However COVID may change the start date.

Our younger Junior (U6 – 10) teams will participate in a round-robin Rooball tournament as their first games.

Our older Juniors will participate in grading games

When does the Senior season start? Stay tuned.

What team will I be in? Teams are established based on age. We try to accommodate requests for individuals to play with friends. However sometimes we are not able to do this as teams have maximum and minimum number of players. The online registration form has a section where you can nominate individuals you may wish to play with.

Where does my team train? Teams train either at Mooloolaba State School, North Shore Multisports Complex and Mountain Creek State School. The younger teams generally train at the Schools. The older Junior teams generally train at the North Shore Multi-sports complex. However the coach has the final say.

UPDATE Due to construction at Mooloolaba State School, teams are unable to train at the school till mid-way through Semester 2.

When do I train? Teams that train at Mudjimba generally train on a Wednesday. Teams training at the Schools have more discretion in the day of training. The final choice of day is dependent on the Coaches availability, availability of training facilities and what suits most of the team. However the coach has the final say.

Who is the coach of my team? For Junior teams, one parent needs to volunteer to coach the team. You do not need to be a SuperCoach for this position. For our U6-U8, your main role is to help the kids have fun on the field, and teach some simple skills. At games, you will encourage the children in a positive manner and ensure that all players get equal time on the field. The club and association are available to help you and provide training workshops.

What if I don’t have a coach? It is possible to play without a coach and training sessions. However training sessions are when the players get to know each other, and start to develop friendships. Each game day somebody will also needs to organise and manage the the team.

Who is the manager of my team? For Junior teams, one parent also needs to volunteer to manage the team. This person will make sure the team sheet is filled out, help with substitutions, and organise a roster for who will wash the shirts and bring the half-time oranges each week. The manager is also responsible for ensuring the team is aware of their canteen duty roster and field set up roster.

The manager is also the point of communication between the players (or parents). Teams typically use Facebook Messenger, or an app called Heja for this. The manager also acts as a point of contact between the club and individual teams.

Why do we need volunteers for the Canteen and Field Set-up. We are a fully volunteer sports club. The money from the canteen is used to fund club equipment, activities, and to keep registration fees low. Without volunteers, the fields will not be ready for play. If your team does not assist when their turn on the Roster occurs, the Canteen will be closed. Please see the volunteer page for more information about volunteering.

Can you tell me more about the Canteen Roster? Each team will be asked to volunteer one or two times during the season to help in the Canteen. Each roster shift is two to three hours. You may be asked to cook the bbq, serve at the counter, or assist in the pack down. Your manager will let you know the days you are asked to volunteer in the canteen. A experienced canteen manager, and committee members will also be around to assist.

Can you tell me more about Field Set up? For each home game we need to place out the ground flags, chairs, gazebos and bins. We do this 1.5 hours before the the first game of the day (typically 7am). Again, a roster will be set up for this.