Our club is run by volunteers. Volunteers help us do everything from coach and manage our teams, assist in the canteen, set up the fields, and help out on committees. Without volunteers our club can not function.

Volunteer Levy. We have introduced a compulsory $40 volunteer levy per player in 2022. The levy will be refunded after 4 hours of volunteer assistance has been provided to the club. The fours hours can be credited in some of the following ways

  • Coaching and managing
  • Assisting in the canteen
  • Assisting with field set up
  • Assisting with field pack down
  • Assisting in organisation of presentation day
  • Assisting with other club activities
  • Coaching co-ordinator
  • Sponsorship generation and management

Families with multiple players in the club. Families with multiple players registered with the club will only be required to complete 6 hours of volunteering to have their volunteer levy refunded.

Some of the activities required by the club

Canteen Co-ordinator The role of the Canteen co-ordinator is to

  • ensure that food is ordered, delivered and available on Game days.
  • open up the Canteen on game days
  • set up the Canteen roster for the season
  • liaise with team managers regarding their teams volunteer days.

Canteen Volunteers. Each parent or member of an adult team will be asked to volunteer their time the Canteen for one or two days during the season. Volunteers will be asked to serve customers, cook the bbq and make sausage sandwiches and hamburgers. Canteen volunteering is organised on a team basis and is a great way to get know the parents of other members of your child’s team.

Ground set up. Each parent will also be asked to assist in setting up grounds one game of each season. This involves arriving early at the grounds during on or two home games. You will put out the flags on the corners of the ground, erect gazebos and place seating for the team reserves and coaches.

Teams Each team will need a coach and manager. These positions are normally filled from parents on the children in the team.

The Coach. You don’t need to be a professional footballer to be a coach. If you are know the basics of Soccer (passing and shooting) you can coach of our Junior teams. For our younger teams the major role of coach is to help the children have fun and learn some of the basics of Soccer. Coaching is about fun and development, not winning. The coach is responsible for

  • training the team in a manner that reflects that values of our club
  • assisting in the development of individual and teamwork skills in all players
  • selecting the team and positions. All players should have equal time on the field, and in all positions throughout the season.
  • Training for new coaches is provided through SCCSA if desired. Please see their website for more information. There are also resources that will help you coach. You will not be alone.

Managers. If you can organise a childrens birthday party you can manage a Soccer team. Your role is to

  • be the main communication channel between team members.
  • passing on information from the club to to their team.
  • assist the coach by monitoring playtime to ensure that all team members have equal time on the field
  • organise the roster for half-time oranges and shirt washing (COVID willing)
  • ensure that parents of our juniors and adult team members are aware of the dates for their canteen and ground set up volunteer roster days

Out teams typically use Facebook messenger or the apps such as Heja for communication.

Other volunteer roles. How else can you help? Other ways that you can help

  • Uniform Officer
  • Sponsorship Officer
  • Contribute to working bees
  • Preseason field set up
  • Field marking

Committee. The Club is run by a committee that includes president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, registrar, canteen co-ordinator, sponsorship co-ordinator, marketing officer, representatives of the adults team and other ex-officio members.

The committee is always looking for some assistance. If you are able to help please contact the president or secretary